Greater Spokane Elks Lodge #228

Loud Mouth Bingo


    A dozen or so Lodge members and guests gathered in the Social Quarters for a rousing session of Loudmouth Bingo on September 8th.

    Here's how the game works:

    Each player pays $1.00 for three cards drawn from a multi deck stockpile.  With several decks in play, you may receive two or more cards of the same value and suit.

    The caller then shuffles a standard deck of cards and begins turning and calling out the cards turned.

    When a card is turned that matches one of the cards in a player's hand, the player shouts, "Got It".

    A card turned that matches a second card in a player's hand elicits a shout of "On It".

    When a player's third card is matched, "Bingo" is the cry.  (Note, there may be more than one "Bingo" in a round)

    The winner receives 50% of the entry money for that round!

    A simple and fun game for all.  Here's a couple of photos from the evening:

We had a fun time!  Please join us for the next session on September 22nd!!