Greater Spokane Elks Lodge #228

Christmas Party at Lakeland Village


It is reported that Elks Lodge #228 has provided entertainment for the Lakeland Village residents Christmas Party for over 100 years.  2020 was skipped because of COVID but otherwise we have been there every year.

The entertainment has varied, from 'Big Band' era Orchestras many years ago to our little 'Taco Tuesday Band' in recent years.  The Taco Tuesday Band this year was made up of Lodge Members Jaye Nordling, Dennis Hurd, Frank Powers, and Jim Parman.  The group changes from year to year as people are available, (or not) and Jaye and Frank were our newcomers this year.

Tim Werley was Santa Claus again this year.  He visited the quarters of the residents who could not come to the gym and presented Christmas Stockings filled with cookies and candy.  Tim also had the rocking chair of honor and handed stockings to those who attended the festivities in the gym.

Another Member who has been a tireless contributor to the Lakeland festivities is Phyllis Porter.  Phyllis has made and sewn the Stockings for Lakeland for many, many years and has even stockpiled enough for another year or two!  We also had a Stocking Stuffing party in the Social Quarters on December 1st, with several members pitching in to make short work of the project.

A small group of members and spouses accompanied Santa and the band on the bus.  We always welcome members and guests to accompany us and would welcome more participation in the future.

Here are some photos of the activities courtesy of Jayne Nordling and Ann Parman:

Jaye, Dennis, Frank, and Jim Getting Ready to Go

Jaye and Jim singing, Dennis drumming, Frank strumming, and Santa (Tim)

Jaye, Dennis, Frank, Jim, and Santa jivin'