Greater Spokane Elks Lodge #228

Flag Day Ceremonies 2022

On June 14th the lodge held our Flag Day Ceremonies at the Lodge.  Our Americanism Chairman, Jaye Nordling arranged with area Scout Troops and Dens to celebrate the history and evolution of our beloved 'Stars and Stripes.'

Each flag was carried in and stationed in front of the audience while the history of that particular flag was read by a Lodge Officer.

This ceremony is one that every Elks Lodge in the Nation performs on or near Flag Day each year.

After the ceremony, the Scouts, Lodge Officers, and members of the audience were treated to pizza and soft drinks.  Thanks again Jaye for a great job!

Here are some photos taken during the evening.

Jaye briefing the crew before the ceremony

Some of our Elks awaiting the flags presentation

Saluting our Flags with the Pledge of Allegiance

A big THANK YOU to all our Scouts for a GREAT JOB!